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Year 9 IT Students Create e-Commerce Websites




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Week 4,
Term Two, 2016

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The Year 9 Information Technology (IT) subject has been updated this year to include units on website development using Adobe Dreamweaver, android app development using MIT App Inventor, and Python programming.

The Year 9 students are excited to learn new and useful digital technical skills. Links are continuously made in class to how what they are learning aligns to the realities of today’s globally competitive, digital workplace.

The Year 9 students have recently been learning about web development through the IB MYP Design Cycle, where they plan, analyse, develop and evaluate their web development process. First students had to investigate how an e-Commerce strategy can help both the consumer and the business. Then students researched current e-Commerce websites to understand common features and elements of these sites. Students worked hard to develop design specifications for their chosen e-Commerce website based on current web design trends. They developed three different design sketches so that they could determine the best possible web solution. Students then implemented their new HTML and CSS programming skills to create their own 6-page website using Dreamweaver software.

The students enjoyed developing their own e-Commerce website and the knowledge gained has improved their digital literacy and critical thinking skills. Students will be able to transfer their new knowledge about intuitive design, ease of navigation and attracting a target audience, to other IT units, as well as, to other design and business subjects that they may take in the future.

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