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Year 9 Sampling New Sports




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Week 9, Term Three, 2017

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We enjoyed new experiences Tuesday 29 August, when our eyes were opened to other sports we could engage in. The afternoon allowed for activities such as Zumba, parts of the modern Pentathlon, martial arts and boxing.

Boxing consisted of learning to shadow punch and use boxing gloves and pads. We learnt boxing moves such as upper cuts, hooks, jabs, upward jabs and knee kicks. Another activity was the laser shooting and running sections of the pentathlon. This was one of the most exciting activities we fortunately got to participate in. We used guns that shot a laser beam to a target and would light up if we aimed accurately. We learnt techniques such as standing on our sides, lifting the gun and lining up the aim of the gun. Pentathlon was a new sport for most of us and shooting laser guns was not an activity the majority had experienced, so this was a very new and fun sport. We then continued the pentathlon by learning to fence. We were suited with fencing gear (jacket and headgear) and used the epee which is the largest and heaviest weapon used in fencing, to fence with our friends.

Another activity was Arakan martial arts. We had instructors who taught us how to strike, headlock and kick. We learnt to defend ourselves. Furthermore, some of us tried Zumba. This was both enjoyable to do and a joy to watch. The instructor created an excited and motivated class with trendy pop songs. Clapping sticks were also used in one of the songs. All of the class had a go and had smiles plastered onto their faces. The sports session was an amazing chance for everyone to try new sports and activities with our friends and help from the specialised instructors.

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