Password FAQs

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, go to

For parents and students, you need to enter your userid number e.g. 12345.

A code will be sent to your personal email address that the College has on record. Enter the code and select a new password. This password can be used on all online environments.

Students and staff are reminded to change their password immediately on any devices that connect to the College wifi and on any devices where their email is set up (for instance, smart phones or tablet devices.)

New parents will be asked to use this above link to set their initial password.

What happens if I type the security code in wrong?

The security code that you are sent if for one time use only. If needed, please click on the link to return to the reset password homepage and enter your userID again and use the new code sent to your email.

What is my username and password to access Schoolbox and the Somerset App and the other environments?

Your username is your community ID number. New parents are sent a link to set up their password with their Welcome email. If you have any queries or need assistance with your username or password, please email or visit the Central Desk in the Knowledge and Information Precinct during term time.

All users have one username and one password to access all aspects of our online environments. Once logged in to Schoolbox, you can easily click on the link to other environments and will not be required to login again. It is also easy for users to reset your password anywhere, anytime should you need.

If your password is entered incorrectly a number of times, your account will lock for a period of time as a security measure or you can use the Reset Password link to unlock your account immediately.

What is my username to access the College's Online Environment?

For students and parents, your username for all online environments is your Synergetic Community ID number. Students know this as their student number. For new students and parents this is a 5 digit number, unless you are an alumni or past staff member, where you may then have a three or four digit number.

Student ID numbers can be found on your Fees Statement. Parent ID numbers can be found on your homepage in My Somerset Community.

Student's email address is Parents are not given a College email address.