Tom Pirie

Tom Pirie

Tom Pirie was born May 2002, diagnosed with an intellectual impairment in his early years, Tom, graduated from high school in 2020.

Tom also had severe scoliosis making his spine the shape of an ‘S’, he bravely underwent surgery in 2019 and now has 2 titanium rods running up the length of his spine.

Tom started collecting bottles and cans from his neighbours a few years ago, he found this a great way to connect and communicate with people whilst doing something he enjoyed.

Today people across Australia and internationally know him as 10 Cent Tom. He decided once graduating from school that he wanted to turn his passion of recycling into a career. Tom has placed over 100 wheelie bins across the Gold Coast and all the money he receives from the bottles and cans is saved towards opening up his own 10 Cent Tom Recycling Depot and employing people with disabilities.

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