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Page - Committees 2015

At Somerset College we have numerous student committees for Senior School students. These are a major avenue for outreach into the wider community.

Somerset provides a unique opportunity for students to meet others with similar interests and engage with issues of importance at a school, local, national and international level.

Joining a committee gives you the opportunity to build friendships, demonstrate leadership, work as part of a team and show commitment, whilst making innovative, exciting contributions to the College community and beyond.

Tailored to meet the general interests of the student body, we strongly encourage students from Years 7 to 12 to join a committee and would especially like to see new students become involved.

Our leaders welcome you to our Committees! In their own words:

Bibliotheca Committee

Bibliotheca is a committee still in its infancy; born from the wish to promote reading and the new Knowledge and Information Precinct to the Somerset community.

We are a community of fond book readers and we avidly discuss books in our meetings. In addition, we also collaborate to produce events to promote reading, such as the “Blind Date with a Book”.

The Debating Committee

Every second Wednesday,
The debaters choose to compete,
Against several other high schools,
At the amazing debating meet.
Of all the skilled debaters,
Somerset tends to win.
We fight our way to the very top,
Whilst sporting a massive grin.
So if you want to argue,
And have a super time,
Come and join the Debating Committee!
(I hope you enjoyed the rhyme.)

Functions Committee

The Functions Committee is a self-run committee, with members assisting in hospitality service at Somerset College functions. This committee is for students in Years 8 to 12 only.

Students get to serve community members, staff members, College Board members, Alumni, current parents and current students. Some of the functions include The Prologue Party at the Somerset Celebration of Literature, the Investiture Dinner, Transition Dinner and Valedictory Dinner. It is a fun and very rewarding committee of which to be a part.

Impact Committee

This Committee strives to promote voluntary participation to help those in in need. Inspired by a Winston Churchill quote, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Together we organise fun and creative events to raise much needed funds for local, national and global charities.

Our focus is on working collaboratively to raise awareness about the value of helping others. We encourage all College members and the wider school community to unite with us to help make a difference to people's lives less fortunate than ourselves.

You can’t be human on your own; we feel most alive in the company of others, including the disabled, the poor; our happiness is connected to theirs. We hope for everyone to be challenged to live with compassion and to work for justice. May we work to build community and a sense of connection. May we help it to thrive whenever we see it from our interpersonal interactions to the way we tread on this glorious planet.

Inkspot Committee

(This blurb should be accompanied by the sound of thousands of angels singing.) Inkspot runs the student magazine published each term. This magazine includes Wisdom from the "Luvvv Gurru" and the "Hots and Nots" of the term. The magazine will inform the readers on fashion faux pas and creations. It keeps the students of Somerset College up on the latest polls and all important gossip. We invite all year levels to join and contribute to the magazine, from formatting through to donating acumen in the form of mind-blowing articles about life and stuff. Come join the Inkspot as we blow the minds of susceptible humans (join us… join us… join us…).

International Committee

How fortunate are we to have such a diverse multicultural community at Somerset College. The International Committee’s main objective is to showcase this multiculturalism. This is achieved through events such as Harmony Day and Mother Tongue Day.

Our aim is to encourage a feeling of understanding, compassion and friendship between cultures.

Marketing Committee

One of the largest committees within the College (undoubtedly due to its amazing student initiatives and student-led programmes) is the Marketing Committee.

The Marketing Committee is an integral part of Somerset life. In charge of planning and carrying out important events, such as the annual Somerset Celebration of Literature, being a member of this committee embodies the pinnacle of Somerset life.

Science Committee

Science is everything. It makes us think, it provides us with explanations and allows us to question the explanations of others. It is curiosity, wonderment and fascination, excitement of both failure and success.

The Somerset Science Committee meets fortnightly to have fun and explore different experiments, gain support through peer-tutoring and brainstorm scientific ideas. Each term we focus on a different aspect of Science so that you can delve deeper into the worlds of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. A key event in the Science Committee calendar is Science Week, where as members, you are given the opportunity to organise and facilitate the exciting activities throughout the week. Join us to help the Somerset Science Committee celebrate Science.

Somerset Mathematical Society

The Somerset Mathematical Society (ΣMΣ) was founded in 2014 in response to student interest with a motto, “Encourage, Enlighten, Entertain”.

The society’s first Borromean captains were Hayley You, Bryan Dai and Anita Mansbridge who are ably supported by several other founding members. In 2014 the society hosted two public lectures to celebrate the famous numbers of Pi and Phi, as well as participating in a Maths Walk in Surfers Paradise and providing Maths tutoring in the Junior School. All students with an interest in Mathematics are welcome to join the ΣMΣ.

The Sustainable Spartans Committee

The Sustainable Spartans are an influential group of students (of all year levels) who are passionate about developing a whole-school approach to sustainability. The Sustainable Spartans aim to create an awareness and take action within the school community, intertwining the educational ideologies of sustainability into the college's curriculum. Our senior, MYP (middle school) and PYP (junior school) subgroups allow The Sustainable Spartans to positively contribute in many aspects of the college, so come join us in making a difference!

Technical Services Crew (Tech Crew)

The Somerset Technical Services Crew lights up the cultural aspects of Somerset life.

You may not see us (but we are there) at events such as Drama Performances, Musicals, the Somerset Celebration of Literature and everything else that requires lights and sound. Joining “Tech Crew” is lots of fun and you can learn many things that you could take to a possible career path.

Wordsmiths Committee

From humble beginnings in 1996 with only eight students who shared an abiding interest in creative writing, the Wordsmiths Creative Writing Club has continued to cultivate a supportive and fun environment for budding poets, authors and song-writers.

Today, we are over 95 members strong and the largest club at the College. Headed by three student leaders and two supervising teachers, the Wordsmiths is home to “the most eccentric students at Somerset”.