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Swimming Club

Club Nights

Club Nights are held during the first and fourth school terms. Each Club Night provides the opportunity to swim some or all four strokes in the following distances: 25m, 50m and 100m.

This is the lead up to the Club Championships which will be held toward the end of the season. Club Nights are a wonderful opportunity for new and existing swimmers to test their newly learned skills. The environment strives to be supportive, fun and friendly with a hint of competition. It is also an opportunity for parents to learn some timekeeping skills. All are welcome to come and participate. Please refer to the noticeboard for more details.

We will also be incorporating special nights such as Relays only and Junior/Senior Buddy Nights will be incorporated. There is no need to book, just turn up and race. There is a nominal entry fee of $1.00 per individual, paid online.

Club Grading

C Division swimmers compete in 25m races, B Division swimmers compete in 50m races and A Division swimmers compete in 100m events. Swimmers can swim down a division in any event but receive no points for their swims. Recommended promotion times for A, B, C divisions are available in the Resources section of this page.

As an added incentive to those swimmers who qualify in all four strokes for A Division, a towel will be awarded denoting their achievement.

Club Championships

Club Championships bring the whole club together for a fun day of competitive swimming. All club members are encouraged to participate in the Club Championships with medals awarded to the first three placegetters of each event.

To be eligible for consideration for either the Point Score Winners’ Trophy or an Age Champion Trophy, swimmers must have swum at a minimum of half of the available Club Nights throughout the season. Members who compete for the Club at an external competition are able to count these events in place of a club night attendance. There are no exceptions, so please get all your swims in early. Club records can be found on the inside back cover of the handbook and in the Resources section of this page.