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Yugambeh Mobo

Yugambeh Elements

Image: Yugambeh Mobo - Elements

The feature event will be held at Somerset College and incorporates workshops, stalls, demonstrations, cultural activities, entertainment, storytelling and live entertainment all day. Featuring official performances of the Yugambeh Didgeridoo Orchestra and Yugambeh Youth Choir, this event showcases the region’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural products and services.

Yugambeh Didgeridoo Orchestra

The Yugambeh Community is developing a professional Didgeridoo Orchestra to perform at significant Yugambeh Mobo community events and in preparation for the Commonwealth Games and beyond.

Yugambeh Youth Choir

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth under 25 years of age will perform in Yugambeh language, including the national anthem. Gold Coast’s leading choir master, Candace Kruger, will be facilitating and developing this group, with a view to international recognition.