We are pleased to advise that the Festival Programme is now available.

To locate your child, use the shortcut (CTRL + F) within the PDF, and type your child’s name and they will be highlighted. If they are entered in more than one section, click on next to find the next entry.

Follow individual links for various sections

Each entrant is able to be filmed performing their piece and the file can then be uploaded. Adjudicators will then adjudicate and return written reports to us, we will then get these reports and ribbons back to either your child’s peripatetic teacher or via the mail to you.

Please note deadline for entries will be 5.00pm on Sunday 22 August – no late entries will be received after this date.

There are some things to note:

1. You will need to have access to the Programme with you when you submit your entries;

2. Information needed to be provided will include:
        a. Adjudicator’s Name as per Programme – this can found on the page which shows where your child would have been performing;
        b. Day/Time of their scheduled performance – again found on the page in the programme;
        c. Student’s Name as per programme;
        d. Contact email;
        e. Section;
        f. Entrant Number in Section;
        g. Name of piece being performed

3. Details for upload – the video must be uploaded as an MP4 file with a maximum size of 25MB – for Apple users click this link to convert your file and for Android users click this link to convert your file.

4. Click here to begin your upload

Uniform Handbook