Esports is an extremely fast growing industry, gaining traction in schools, universities and professional clubs worldwide. Somerset College is proud to provide eSports as a sports option for our students in the Senior School.

eSports provides an alternative to traditional sports that still allows students to experience the benefits of being in a team, working together and representing the school. It encourages students to work together, communicate effectively and hone decision making under pressure. Studies show that students that are engaged in extra-curricular activities are more likely to be successful in all spheres of schooling.  

Our eSports teams train and play in a structured environment, with a focus on good mental and physical health. Training focuses on strategic thinking and planning through game plans, consideration of relative strengths and weaknesses of the individuals involved, skills, tactics and teaching persistence. Our students through participation in games and in competitions, learn to manage success and failure and in all, we honour the importance and the value of play.