Somerset Rowing

Rowing prides itself in being one of the most physically demanding activities you can do. An individual is challenged in rowing, not only to produce their best physically, but they must demonstrate mental toughness and the ability to make decisions that are best for a team. It is the discipline of searching for the perfect stroke that makes rowing more than just a sport, but rather a lifestyle.

The rowing programme at Somerset College aims to develop an individual with skills in personal responsibility, teamwork and mindfulness. Success in the program is reflected in the culture of team orientated decisions and when athletes can perform at their personal best.   

Rowing is a fantastic activity that gives students the confidence through moving a boat. The adventure of traveling through the Gold Coast canals through their own actions is a highly rewarding activity. Taking responsibility of equipment, learning to persevere in an outdoor environment and learning how to perform in pressure situations make rowing the ultimate challenge. 

The ability to move a boat requires a full body workout, and as an endurance-based sport, rowing challenges athletes to not only be strong, but as fit as possible. The Somerset College rowing program uses regular monitoring sessions, high quality equipment and highly experienced coaches to help guide athletes along their athletic pathway. The boatshed facility is based on the Gold Coast canals from Bond University, sharing some of the world’s best training stretches of water with Australia’s Olympic Paddlers and National underage representative rowers. With all the resources available, it is only the athletes mind that will ever hold them back. 

Rowing Pathway

Our students compete in local competitions, through to Queensland and Australian Championships in a variety of boats from single sculls through to eights and many have achieved personal success. The biggest successes in the program comes in the growth of confidence in the students. Their passion for the sport provides an engaged platform to develop commitment to their team, communication with their peers and also for them to share their knowledge with their younger team mates. Supported by a strong family engagement, being a part of the Rowing community at Somerset, is for many a defining part of their Somerset Experience.