Last Friday, the Somerset Open Girls Volleyball B Team took the win against All Saints Anglican School. From the get-go, the team showed spirit had a novel sense of enthusiasm and focus.

Going into the game we knew we would have to give it our all if we wanted any chance of beating such a formidable opponent. An immediate lead in the first set thanks to the team’s constant communication, Momo Uchida’s sets and hits, and cheerleading from those on the court and off gave us an essential confidence boost. The nerve-wracking near draw of the second set once again demonstrated the benefits of teamwork, confidence, patience, and a good time-out to catch our breaths and calm our nerves. Indy Hammer’s very quick reflex was a great skill to have in the front line, saving a lot of possible errors. Rhea Dawson’s serve streak brought us to the home stretch in the third set, and we joyously took an unexpected 3-nil win. 

On the other hand, our Open A team worked so hard after losing in the first two sets. However, on the third set, they came back with more confidence and stronger hope that they can still win a set. Their incredible skills and teamwork were put to the test! Their alertness, excellent defence, perfect serves lead them to win the third set. Thankfully there were still 10 minutes on the clock and so the fourth set continued. An intense emotion enveloped the court, both teams were nervous and focussed, including our coaches Issy and Mrs Amores. The last five minutes was epic, as Kaelyn Dolan served continuously lifting their score from 8 to 22! She was bringing the thunder! Yes, that was 14 points in a row and leaving no time for the opponent to catch up. So, it was an incredible 2-all game against All Saints! 

(Members not in photos: Ashley and Kartier, Open B and Eden, Open A.) 

Go Spartans!

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