Somerset has a wonderful dance programme that encompasses a wide range of genres, including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, caberet and cheer.

Our dance teachers are passionate about working with our students and pride themselves on the relationships they develop with them. We believe that through dance, each student will increase their self-confidence, independence, creativity, determination and co-ordination in addition to learning how to work as a team.

Students will learn how to develop their emotional intelligence through dance as they grow their understanding of self-knowledge and self-discovery whilst exploring the storytelling aspect of becoming a great performer.
Dance students will learn to increase their stamina, improve their flexibility and strength through a range of movements utilising their fine and gross motor skills. Students will engage all their senses during the dance class by listening, watching and practising the movements.

 Our programme focuses on providing a fun and vibrant classroom environment where students can feel safe and supported throughout their dance journey. The programme focuses on introducing students to the world of dance by exploring dance styles and supporting their creativity. Through regular and sustained participation students will develop positive dispositions to learning such as enthusiasm and persistence.

Dance lessons take place in one of our four dance spaces, all of which are equipped with full-length wall mirrors and appropriate dance flooring.

Each year sees a culminating celebration of dance at Somerset with more than 300 dance students involved in performances with an impressive display of solo artists, boys’ groups, junior troupes, performance groups, Pre-Preps and Preps. Our annual Day of Dance is an exciting, empowering and confidence-building opportunity for students to perform onstage. The students are proud to share their dance skills with family and friends. The Day of Dance is a testament to the variety of styles of dance available to the students and the vibrant dance community that exists at Somerset.