The Somerset College Foundation

The Somerset College Foundation has contributed substantially to the construction of major facilities throughout the College. The Foundation is committed to building excellence at Somerset College and seeks to support the many educational activities on offer.

The Somerset College Foundation was established in 1989 to raise funds and allow the College to operate as independently as possible, particularly in its capital works programme.

The Foundation operates two tax-deductible funds: the Somerset College Foundation Building Fund and the Somerset College Foundation Scholarship Fund. Opportunities exist for you to support both these funds.

Funds are raised mainly by philanthropic donations by College parents, Alumni and staff. Occasional fund-raising events are run for specific campaigns. Since 1989 the Foundation has raised over $6.8 million to support the College and more importantly our students.

Almost all of the College's income, derived from school fees and government grants, is exhausted on the daily operational costs of the College. Any capital works need to be funded through any surplus generated, bank borrowing or philanthropic support for the Foundation.

Despite all the recent construction, the needs of the College have not diminished; indeed they have grown because of the demand for placement at the College. To cut the ribbons on new buildings and projects, both current and future, Somerset College needs your financial assistance. Such contributions will provide the finest facilities and environment for our students.

The Foundation is committed to acknowledging the members of the Foundation and the valuable and significant role that they derive in promoting, maintaining and advancing the standards of excellence at Somerset College.

To register your interest in supporting the Somerset College Foundation or for further information, please email us here.

Somerset College, since its inception, has been a school of excellence. We aim to keep our position as an innovative leader in education and are determined to maintain the highest standard of educational opportunities for all students.