Service Learning

Our students at Somerset demonstrate a personal commitment to service and action, making positive contributions to communities. Through responsible action, students develop the attributes of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile that are essential for success in their future life endeavours.

Service Learning focuses on students building authentic connections between what they learn and what they encounter in the community. The experience of Service offers opportunities for students to apply concepts and skills that they have examined within the classroom and work collaboratively with others in real world situations. We encourage students to plan and evaluate their involvement in Service initiatives, to engage in challenging tasks and learn more about their strengths and growth areas, to develop empathy for others and international mindedness, as well as consider the ethical implications of their actions whilst serving others.

At Somerset College we aim for all of our service opportunities to evolve beyond simply doing good for others. We engage in a meaningful dialogue with highly valued community partners to identify genuine action through which a shared common good can be achieved. At Somerset, we believe meaningful service requires our students to understand an underlying need or issue thereby authenticating the need for their service. This approach to service, based on a collaborative exchange and a genuine understanding of community need, maximises the potential benefits for all involved.

At Somerset, we believe it is important for all of our students to truly develop a global outlook. By looking outside of themselves, they can find meaningful opportunities where they can take action and make a difference.