From the Headmaster

From humble beginnings in 1983, Somerset College has achieved a much esteemed position in education. The success of our students and staff in academic, pastoral, cultural, physical and spiritual domains has flowed from a tangible commitment to excellence and collaboration.

One only need visit the beautiful campus, speak with members of our community and, especially, observe the vibrancy and joy of our students to know that there is something special happening here. A triangular approach is facilitated through the focus of staff, parents and students on enhancing student outcomes.

The co-educational, multi-age mix of students enables a natural progression from external to self-discipline. Our students graduate confident in their own abilities and resilient enough to accept the inevitable challenges that life will provide.

"When we all work together, great things happen."

Craig Bassingthwaighte, Headmaster

The College believes unashamedly in high standards and personal responsibility. Equally our many service programmes provide opportunities for compassion and empathy. After all, “to whom much is given; much is expected”.

This initial journey of discovery, for Somerset graduates have only begun their learning, is conducted through a supportive yet challenging set of experiences. Our staff and students walk side by side in this journey and this makes the process all the richer.