The Junior School

The Junior School is a dynamic learning environment catering for students from Pre-Prep to Year 6. We pride ourselves on our professional, dedicated and passionate staff and our programmes which encourage excellence in academics, co-curricular activities and personal development, as well as our well-resourced classrooms, ensuring students are suitably prepared to take on their role as active and informed global citizens.

We provide a range of opportunities for students to be challenged, aspiring for excellence and personal successes.  Through a holistic education, our Junior School students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to look beyond their own walls to determine how they may be able to help other, within their own and wider community.  We work together with staff, students, parents and community to prioritise student well-being, developing a passion for learning for all involved in the Junior School. 

The face of education is ever changing and it is crucial that our school designs evidence-based programmes that reflect the current best practice in education. Our programmes are designed for students to make connections between what they are learning and the world around them, developing global citizens through The International Baccalaureate programme design. 

Some of the strengths we wish to engender in our students are physical health, positive relationships, perspective and resilience, engagement, promoting sustainability creativity, meaning and purpose. In addition, we aim to foster a love of life-long learning. These qualities are also reflected in the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile, which is embedded in the College’s curriculum.

In the Junior School we are passionate about prioritising your child’s wellbeing during their time at the school, through pastoral care programmes with an explicit focus on promoting staff and student wellbeing.


Pre-Prep at Somerset College is an opportunity for the youngest members of our community to start their journey towards personal success through a play-based curriculum.

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The After School Hub and Holiday Programme

The Hub runs an activities programme throughout school terms. We also offer camps during the holidays including general sports and coding club.

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