The depth and breadth of the music programme at Somerset provides so many opportunities for our students to shine. From individual lessons to ensembles, our students experience their own music making, with opportunities for them to expressive their creative potential.

Through music, many of our students develop a life-long love of the performing arts - be it creating, performing and appreciation. Our students have opportunities to learn, to perform and to be part of a vibrant community within the College. 

Voice and Choirs

Our students have the opportunity to participate in singing lessons and many choose to participate in one of the many Somerset Choirs. For our youngest students through to our oldest, we have a range of choirs that allow students to experience the joy of singing together and being part of something bigger themselves. Our Junior School has three choirs and in Senior School, the range of choirs available continues, with choral groups ranging from Mens Chorus, to our Vocal Group and Show Choir. 

Instrumental and Ensembles

At Somerset, there are a wide range of instrumental tuition opportunities. Students can choose to learn individually, in pairs or in small groups. With over 15 different instruments taught, the diversity of our music programme means there is an instrument to suit all, from the traditional such as piano, guitar and saxophone, to the niche with euphonium. Our teachers are experienced in their fields and committed to the personal success of each student in their care - and to fostering a love of their instrument and a love of learning music. 

The full selection of instruments taught includes:

  • Brass (trumpet, trombone, French Horn, tuba)
  • Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Voice
  • Guitar (acoustic, electric)
  • Woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)
  • Strings (violin, viola, violoncello, double bass)

We proudly offer the Suzuki method, where learning of a string instrument can start at very young age and students even in Pre-Prep can learn to play a bowed string instrument (for example the Violin), as the instruments are available is very small sizes. Known as the “Mother Tongue” approach to learning, the Suzuki method copies the way we learn language into learning to play a musical instrument.  The children listen daily to a recording of the pieces they will learn and they are taught in small steps at the child’s rate.  Most importantly the children are given praise and encouragement as they master each skill. In addition to their tutorial lessons there are also Suzuki Group Sessions where the students come and play together as they all learn to play the same pieces from memory. 

At Somerset, we have a wide range of ensembles that cater for all instruments and musical styles. In our Junior School, these instrumental ensembles groups include string orchestras, bands and small ensembles. The Senior School offers the same opportunities encouraging the continued development of skills fostered in the Junior School.  Senior Concert Band, Jazz Band and the Senior String and Chamber Orchestra are amongst the large ensemble offerings, whilst smaller ensembles are available. Learning to play in an ensemble is one of life's great pleasures and opportunities are available for students at all levels to participate and be involved. 

Opportunities for Performance

Each year, our choral and instrumental groups have a range of performance opportunities available to them, as well as to soloists, duos and small groups. Performance opportunities range from school showcase concerts, to the Somerset Festival of Young Performers, to Eisteddfods and a range of College and community events. Through performance, our students develop their confidence and expertise in performing and use their skills in the service of others.