Enrol at Somerset

We are delighted that you are considering Somerset College for your child. Applications to enrol at Somerset College may be lodged at any time. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the opportunities available to all of our students.

Entry Points

The standard entry points to the College are Pre-Prep and Year 7. Students are admitted at other year levels, subject to the availability of positions.

Our Pre-Prep programme, our first entry point into Somerset College, is for children who turn four by the end of June in the year they commence at the College.

The Application Process

Applications to enrol at Somerset College may be lodged at any time. Making an early application increases the likelihood of securing a place, and it is usual for casual vacancies to exist at most year levels for the beginning of each academic year.

The above Application for Admission form requires a $110.00 non-refundable Application Fee and a copy of your child’s birth certificate and current school reports, if applicable.

If your child was born outside of Australia but is now a citizen, a copy of the Citizenship Certificate will also be required. For temporary or permanent residents of Australia, please attach a photocopy of your child’s passport and visa.

Students will be placed on the Enrolment Register for the requested Year Level and year of entry. Please note that the completion of the Application for Admission does not guarantee your child a place.

In the year prior to a student commencing at the College, first round offers will be made to students on the Enrolment Register generally based on date of application, with priority offered to families who have a current or previous affiliation with the College. Offers will continue to be made until all vacancies are filled. Offers of places must be accepted or declined within 14 days.

When a position is to be offered, parents will be invited to bring their child to the College for an interview. If possible both parents should attend this interview. When accepting an offer of a position, parents are asked to complete and return the documentation listed below and make the payments detailed.

If you would like to visit the College, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss the opportunities available to all of our students.
For more information, please book a tour, or email our Dean of Admissions.

Steps to Enrol

Step 1

Return a completed Application for Admission form with a $110.00 non-refundable application fee and all necessary documentation (as listed on the Application) to the Dean of Admissions.

Step 2

First round offers, based on date of application, are made a year prior to students commencing at the College. Priority will be offered to siblings of current students and children of Somerset Alumni.

Step 3

Before accepting an offer, students will be invited to interview at the College. It is recommended where possible that both parents attend this interview.

Step 4

To accept an offer, complete and return documentation within 14 days. Payment for the following will also be required:

  • Induction Fee - $1,600.00 (non-refundable)
  • Alumni Life Membership Fee - $250.00 (non-refundable)

*Admission to Somerset College is conditional upon the College being satisfied as to the ability of the students to benefit from the programmes offered.