Laver House

Laver House, named after William Laver who was the first man to settle Little Nerang and was the first person to be buried in Mudgeeraba cemetery, is represented by the colour green and the wedge-tailed eagle.

Laver House History 

The Laver family were instrumental in colonising the Mudgeeraba area, being the first to settle Little Nerang (Neranwood), using 640 acres as a dairy farm. William Laver came from England to Queensland aged 12 where his family settled at Cressbrook, near Caboolture.

William Laver later married Margaret Dairs and in 1870 moved with his family to Mudgeeraba where they built a house on the hill above the present Uniting Church. Their property was approximately 200 acres.

William was the first man to settle Little Nerang (Neranwood) and used 640 acres as a dairy farm. He was also the first person to be buried in the Mudgeeraba cemetery.

The following was written by Damir Muftic (Class of 1987): Laver House has as its centrepiece a wedge-tail eagle representing strength and care. This high-flying eagle represents a vision of all that Laver strives for: "We fly on Wings of Eagles" from Isaiah Chapter 10 Verse 31. For members of Laver House the crest symbolises unity and pride in their achievements, whether they be sporting, artistic or academic.

Junior School Representatives

House Convenor - Mr Will Boston

House Captains - Benjamin Sharpe and Elisabeth Staelen

Senior School Representatives

Head of House - Mrs Sally Leslie

House Captains - Ethan Robinson and Jess Velloza