The Senior School

Our Senior School is characterised by a culture of personal success, yet one of the first things that strikes many is the warmth of relationships between our students and the mutual respect between students and our staff. Each and every day, through our commitment to academic excellence, pastoral care and in the many opportunities that exist, our students are surrounded by people committed to their success and wellbeing.

At Somerset College we encourage and support our students to aspire to excellence. Learning within the classroom is inclusive, engaging and encourages collaboration and the development of critical thinking skills. Within this we encourage resilience and persistence and have a focus on happiness and well-being as a foundation for personal success and future directions. 

There really is an opportunity for every child to develop a passion, in the knowledge they will be well supported as their talents develop. This extends into our pastoral care programme and our focus on student wellbeing with continuity of care throughout the student’s time in the Senior School. Opportunities beyond the classroom include a broad range of sports and cultural pursuits, and progressive outdoor education and service learning programmes.

Year 7

At Somerset College, we recognise the transition to Year 7 brings both new challenges and opportunities. There are new procedures to follow and to ease both social and academic pressures, we have a dedicated space for Year 7s with a locker room, lounge area and table tennis zone.

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Queensland Certificate of Education

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is one of the pathway options for our Year 11 and 12 students, with syllabuses that are underpinned by 21st century skills. The courses have been designed to prepare our students for a changing world that encompasses innovation, entrepreneurship, lifelong learning and being a responsible global citizen.

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After School Academic Assistance

After school Academic Assistance (AAA) is our homework and tutoring club, available for students from Year 6 to 12. It provides a place for students to seek extra one on one assistance with homework and academic tasks from a range of teaching staff and Alumni.

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