Committees and Clubs

At Somerset College we have numerous clubs for all ages and student committees for Senior School students. Our Clubs provide students with opportunities to share their interests with our like-minded students and develop skills. Joining a committee gives students the opportunity to build friendships, demonstrate leadership, work as part of a team and show commitment, whilst making innovative, exciting contributions to the College community and beyond.

Through the range of different clubs that are provided, students can develop their interests and grow in confidence. Clubs range from robotics and coding, to Young Engineers and book clubs, through to Wordsmiths, our writing club. 

Our committees are a major avenue for outreach into the wider community with each committee usually having a clear service focus. Through committees, our students can meet with others with similar interests and engage with issues of importance at a school, local, national or sometimes even international level. Our committees are student-led initiatives that are tailored to meet the general interests of the student body.