Outdoor Education

Not all aspects and experiences in education need be measured and assessed; there are some activities where the value is in the experience itself. Our Outdoor Education programme is designed to engage students in a challenging environment where success isn’t measured against other students but rather success against the elements and yourself.

Outdoor Education makes a valuable contribution to the complete education of students, providing experiences, challenges and skills. Through our Outdoor Education programme we aim to teach students that obstacles can be overcome, that initial failure builds resilience, and most importantly, that success is a personal journey measured only against your own goals. The programme we operate at Somerset College has an underlying aim to move beyond the materialism and superficialities of today’s world to focus on personal growth, awareness, self-reliance and teamwork through experiential education.

In facing challenges, students mature in their attitudes toward themselves; and in living with other students of the same level, they appreciate better the strengths of others. This programme takes students 'beyond the classroom', while still ensuring that valuable learning is achieved.

The challenge is tailored to meet the needs and capabilities of the students. Camps are organised for Years 3 through to Year 11. For some year levels, this may be a trip to a destination such as Cairns, with strong links to their classroom learning. For other year levels, it is to local or interstate camp destinations that focus on the development of valuable individual and interpersonal skills. Some year levels have an adventure training focus, where students live in tents, are fully self-sufficient for their meals and introduced to outdoor activities and problem solving exercises such as orienteering, canoeing, abseiling, climbing, hiking and first aid. Our Outdoor Education programme concludes with the much looked forward to Year 11 experiences, where students may choose from a range of camps which include hiking, climbing, horse riding, sea navigation, sailing and sea kayaking. 

Attendance at outdoor educational camps is a compulsory part of the Somerset College programme for all staff and students.