Year 7 - the start of the Senior Journey

At Somerset College, we recognise the transition to Year 7 brings both new challenges and opportunities. There are new procedures to follow and to ease both social and academic pressures, we have a dedicated space for Year 7s with a locker room, lounge area and table tennis zone.

Allocating a space where Year 7 students can bond as a year level provides them with a safety net and creates a sense of community amidst the wider Senior School community. While the vast majority of our Year 7s come from our own Junior School, approximately 25 per cent of the cohort are from other schools and for them, everything is new. 

Students remain with their core class for all lessons which are attended in classrooms located near the Year 7 area. Academically, our students are supported in this transition year and they enjoy their own dedicated teachers for the core subjects of Language and Literature (English), Individuals and Society, Science and Mathematics. Year 7 students can also attend after-school homework club, staffed by teachers and alumni, for assistance with homework and assignment questions. 

Our Year 7 students are encouraged to extend their boundaries and try new experiences. Achieving personal success in a wide variety of activities is promoted. We offer sporting, music and dramatic activities, as well as many varied clubs, open to all Senior School students. For example, a Year 7 student can perform in the Gold Coast Drama Festival in the Year 7 and 8 Junior Play, or can choose to be involved in the College's House Plays festival for students in Years 7 to 12.

The Year 7 Camp at Somerset College is held early in Term One. As a new experience it may be daunting but for Year 7s just starting at the College, the aim is to ensure by the end of camp all students know each other and many new friendships are made. At camp, students are encouraged to try many challenging activities but they also enjoy time in casual, get-to-know you activities. Wellbeing in Year 7 focuses on character strengths and how they can be used to help our Year 7 students cope with the challenges which arise.  

For more information about our Year 7 programme, please contact our Dean of Admissions on (07) 5559 7100.