Franklin House

Franklin House, named after the Franklin family who were early dairy farmers in the Mudgeeraba area, is represented by the colour purple and the frill-necked lizard.

Franklin House History

Of all the families that the College Houses are named after, the Franklins were the last to move to the Mudgeeraba area. Franklin House was also the last House to be formed at Somerset College, being introduced in January 1990.

Ben Franklin and his two brothers came to Mudgeeraba from Brisbane around 1890. Ben and his wife (Beatrice Laver) built a dairy farm in the Merrimac area. Their grandson, John Franklin, represented Mudgeeraba on the Albert Shire Council for many years and he was also a world-class axeman. Unfortunately, John Franklin passed away in 1993 after a fatal accident. It is a fitting tribute to this family to name a Somerset House after them.

Nadia Ansell (Class of 1990) designed the House mascot. Nadia wanted a design that was outstanding for its graphic appeal. She chose a frill-necked lizard; a ferocious Australian animal portraying a competitive image.

The motto "Nil Sed Optima" was chosen for its meaning "nothing but the best" - and this is what Franklin House always strives for.

Junior School Representative

House Convenor - Mrs Natalie Nugent

Senior School Representative

Head of House - Ms Jacinta Hyman