The Somerset Experience

We take pride in delivering a unique Somerset Experience encompassing all aspects of a student's learning journey. Our students have the opportunity to experience personal success in a range of areas outside of the classroom, as well as develop a global outlook on life.

At Somerset, we are passionate about encouraging the fulfillment of individual potential in academia, sport and extracurricular, alongside producing socially well-adjusted individuals. With a focus on community wellbeing, our College creates an atmosphere of happiness, trust, understanding and endeavour.

We provide a wealth of co-curricular, sporting and service opportunities for our students to develop skills, grow and belong. We have a commitment to excellence, both in the staff, facilities and programmes that support our students on their journey; promoting both the journey outward, reflection, and the journey inward, exploration.

The Somerset Experience includes a strong commitment to developing engaged global citizens, aspiring to excellence, demonstrating integrity and valuing difference. 

We have a commitment to attract and retain excellent, committed and innovative staff who share this view of education. Under their guidance all students are provided with the necessary encouragement to fully develop academic skills, strength of character and a wide range of interests in areas such as sport, music and drama. A high level of individual commitment and participation is expected of all students.

The College also places particular emphasis on appropriate standards of discipline, especially in relation to manners, speech and presentation. The philosophy of the College ensures these standards of behaviour result from high levels of self-esteem and self-discipline.

The measure of any school lies in its readiness to help young people to grow, to develop their talents and to liberate their imagination. Somerset happily accepts this challenge and seeks to create vital and resourceful young individuals.