Information Services

The Knowledge and Information Precinct (KIP) is a dynamic space where students and staff come to collaborate, read, study, engage and learn. Our physical footprint is centrally located within the College and we provide a space that connects parents, students and staff with all of their information needs.

With a commitment to literacy and books and also to supporting all information and research needs, the KIP is a dynamic space that is here to support students and their learning at all stages. We foster a love of reading through continuously curating a wide ranging and diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction books, both print and digital, to suit all ages and interests.

From a young age, we are committed to educating our students to be effective researchers through our Information Literacy lessons in the Junior School, through to targeted programmes in the Senior School.

As digital transformation and innovation continues we deliver key support for our online learning environment and support all of our patrons with their technology and online needs - students, staff and parents.