College Fees

Somerset College has an all-inclusive fee structure in place. This helps keep fee increases to a minimum and delivers great transparency and certainty for College families.

Please ensure your contact details are up to date, as you are notified by email when the fees are payable. Fee notices can be viewed on My Somerset Community, which can be accessed using your username and password.

Tuition Fee

The Tuition Fee includes all the provisions to run the College operations in staffing, capital project servicing, et cetera. This fee continues to attract any relevant discount awarded through College financial support programmes.

Services Fee

The Services Fee includes the services that are commonly provided for the students at a particular Year Level or for particular subjects, that are deemed to be part of the curricular and co-curricular Somerset experience. This fee is paid by every student at that Year Level and is not discounted.

Optional Fee

The Optional Fee is for individually selected opportunities to participate in optional parts of the Somerset programme like specific sports, music, drama, social events et cetera. This fee is only added to your account after your permission has been sought and received.

Annual Discount Announcement

Fees paid annually in advance attract a reduction off the net fee.