Starkey House

Starkey House, named after the Starkey family who worked in the Mudgeeraba Creek dairy farm industry for 30 years, is represented by the colour red and a unicorn.

Starkey House History

As with all the Houses at Somerset College, Starkey House is named after a Mudgeeraba pioneering family. One of the ancestors was enrolled at the local Mudgeeraba school when it first started in 1892.

There is a close connection between the Laver, Veivers and Starkey families through various marriages. The present Mr Starkey's grandmother was a Laver who married Fred Starkey in approximately 1885 when they settled at Mudgeeraba Creek, Mount Tallai.

Mr Starkey's father was the eldest in that family; he was enrolled at the Mudgeeraba school when it first started in 1892 and became a farmer whilst his brother helped run the General Store. Mr Starkey attended the Mudgeeraba School in the 1930s and is a third generation member of this local pioneering family.

The design of the House logo was chosen by Alison Lennon in 1987 and is accompanied by the motto "Unity is strength".

Junior School Representative

House Convenor - Mr Andrew Halloran

Senior School Representative

Head of House - Ms Melinda Green