Happy Library and Information Week! This year’s theme, Where’s the Source, highlights that now, more than ever, it is important to check credibility, authority and meaning of sources. 

With the advent of generative AI, the notion of sources has become a hot topic as the large language models that sit behind these AI tools become sources in their own right. Getting back to some basic questioning is at the core of increasing critical literacy skills and forms part of the essential toolbox needed for understanding all kinds of information sources. Questions such as - Where does the information come from? When was it created?  Who paid for it? In addition to being able to recognise misinformation and disinformation it is also imperative for our students to now understand who is being represented in the data and who is potentially being excluded.

Libraries have always been sources of information, and providing access and guidance through the maze of information channels is one of our most basic services. Well that, and a place to play UNO!

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