As the new school year dawned, Year 6 students were introduced gently into the ways of the Middle Years Programme (the MYP). Year 6 students start work this year in separate disciplines, with specialist staff for all subjects.

Year 6 is a matter of being organised and prepared to work through a busy day. We were delighted to see coloured folders arriving at school with correct books in place – thanks to organised and prepared parents!

The first day and a half of the school year was spent understanding how Year 6 works and what our school year will look, feel and sound like. What do we do with our diary? How does my timetable work?

When do I access the locker area?

We looked at the values and traits that all Year 6 will need as Leaders of the Junior School. We accessed and graded great quotes that really resonated with us and made us think about the year ahead.

Boot Camp was probably the favourite group of activities. It is always fun to be part of a team, trying a variety of activities that involve sweat, buckets of water and laughter.

Year 6 students are now ‘getting in the groove’ of life up here at the top of the Brown Building, looking out to the Senior School while turning their heads to the Junior School for what will be a fabulous year.

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