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Andrews House


Samuel, Robert and Thomas, sons of Isaac Rankin Andrews, ran the store in Mudgeeraba pictured here in c.1919.

The Andrews family played a major role in the economic and cultural development of the Mudgeeraba area. Established in 1983, Andrews House was named after the family of Isaac Rankin Andrews who left Ireland aged 14 in 1864 with his brothers Samuel, William and John.

After arriving in Melbourne they moved to the Manning District of New South Wales to commence share farming.The family moved to Tallebudgera in the 1870s and took up many selections around the Mudgeeraba area. (One of their selections was the present day commercial centre of Mudgeeraba). In 1882 Isaac married Grace Veivers and they built a house, "Somerset" where they raised six sons and six daughters.

The Andrews brothers were not only involved in mixed farming but ran a carrying business transporting produce from the Hinterland to the wharves. A dairy was established as well as a stud and slaughter-house at "Somerset" in the late 1880s.

Isaac Andrews and sons opened a grocery store in 1907 and a butcher shop in 1912. Several of his children were involved in running the businesses until Isaac's death in 1936 when his estate was broken up and sold. The "Somerset" property was purchased by Lindsay Firth.

The Andrews family played a major role in the economic and cultural development of the Mudgeeraba area. Andrews House was established in 1983 with former Headmaster Dr BJ Arnison as the Senior Tutor.

The House was administered by the Senior Tutor until 1989 when the first Housemaster was appointed. Mr Ray Jackson was the first Housemaster, a position he held until the end of the 1992 school year. The present Housemaster is Mr Dallas O'Brien. Sarah Cutts (Year 10, 1987) chose the head of a lion as the feature of her design because reference to a lion is included in the House war cry. The lion is a symbol of dominance, courage, strength and bravery; all attributes that Andrews House stands for. Only the head on perspective in simple lines was used as it would be simpler to reproduce in other forms. The motto reflects the nature of the symbol "lion hearted" and the colour of Andrews House.