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Starkey House


Image: Starkey House Representatives

The Junior School Starkey House is led by House Convenors and student House Captains, while the Senior School Starkey House is led by a Head of House, House Tutors and student House Captains.

Junior School

House Convenor - Mr Andrew Halloran
House Captains - Patrick Kelly Correa and Maya Kiddle

Senior School

Head of House - Ms Melinda Green
House Tutors - Mr Ross Keefer, Mrs Sarah Hossy, Mr Sam Whish Wilson, Miss Janie-Marie Burgess, Ms Daneale Scandrett, Mr Damien Healy, Mr Andrew Wrigley, Mr Keita Ishi, Mr Stephen Walther, Mrs Bridey Hawley
House Captains - Sarah-Anne Hornsey and Chester Whiting