Overseas Students

Each year Somerset College welcomes a small number of Overseas Students and provides a friendly, supportive environment that encourages the educational development and personal growth of all students.

For specific information about the admissions process for Overseas Students please visit the Resources section of this page.

Eligibility to Enrol

Overseas Students must live in Australia with their parent or guardian throughout the course of their study with Somerset College, as Somerset College does not have residential accommodation and does not provide Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare for Overseas Students. If accommodation arrangements change during the course of study so that the Overseas Student does not live in Australia with their parent or guardian, the student’s enrolment will be suspended, deferred, or cancelled.

Education Agents

Education Agents are not engaged to formally represent Somerset College. Somerset College responds to all enrolment enquiries and to applications for enrolment according to established procedures. Individuals making enrolment enquiries or assisting in any way with enrolment applications are not remunerated for doing so. If the Somerset policy with regard to use of Education Agents changes in the future, Somerset is aware of its obligations under Standard 4 of the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018, and will at that time implement appropriate policies, procedures and agreements as required under the National Code.


It is important that parents and students understand the requirements for studying in Australia. These are explained in the documents found in the Resources section of this page.