A bustling day at the University of Queensland (UQ) offered a mosaic of opportunities and diverse fields. From the sun-kissed lawns of the St Lucia campus to the cutting-edge laboratories of the Engineering Institute, the university embodied academic vibrancy, and provided as a perfect day for learning, fun and new experiences.

The morning began with a welcoming snack and then we were off to our first talk about the journey to becoming an engineer. The stairs to get there made us want to turn around, but when we were in the room, everything was worth the climb.

Workshop 1, Giving Back Movement, was a fantastic opportunity to learn how much helping others can impact your life, and can become what you do. We created a prosthetic limb, suitable for a person without fingers. It was a fun lesson, and we got to work with our friends as well.

After a delicious lunch of Bahn Mi, spring rolls, juice, musli bars and Twisties, we were off to our last event of the day where we got the chance to code a circuit with SunSmart code. We used an UV flashlight to power three LED lights, and depending on how far away the torch was, the LED lights changed colours. It was very interesting and enjoyed by all. We left the final workshop, after we tried to tan ourselves with the torch first, of course, and headed to the bus for the long drive back to school.

Overall, the engineering day at UQ was an interesting experience that showed us all the different branches of engineering and gave us some insight about how it could be a part of our future. On the drive back, we were pulsating with the energy of collaboration, curiosity, and limitless possibilities, all excited for what the future holds.

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