Two Under 9 Somerset teams qualified for the School Futsal Titles in 2021. The tournament took place on Friday 5 to Sunday 7 November.

On Friday morning we left Somerset College, with Coaches Maarten and Nigel, and our Volunteer Coaches James and Sean, who made sure the students had their seatbelts on and behaved themselves well during the journey to Nissan Arena.

On arrival in Brisbane, the students prepared for their first games.

Under 9 - Year 3

The Year 3s could not wish for a better start of the tournament. With two wins out of two games they took the lead in the league table. On day two, the boys had one win and one loss but remained top of the table. They qualified for the Semi Finals. We saw great work from Benedict Thompson, Andrew Blatchford, Edward Hassett, Hugo Hasselle, Alex Pourre, Henry Pevy, Izaak Barclay and Vaughan Furlong.

Under 9 – Year 4

The Year 4s had a very difficult time each day. The boys had one win and one loss on day one. The second day they played just one game and won! On Sunday they played one more game, before entering the finals. Somerset lost this game and finished in fourth place with a total of two wins and two losses.

Semi Finals

In the Semi Finals, the two Somerset teams played against each other. This was one of the best games of the tournament. The two teams played impressive futsal, showing great teamwork and sportsmanship. The game was very even with both teams scoring many goals. It was the Year 4s who scored a goal more and qualified for the Final. The Year 3s maintained their competitive edge each day. All players can be proud of how they represented The College over the weekend.

In the grand finale, the Year 4s were very disciplined. Coaches Sean and Maarten reminded the team about their positions and set plays. This worked great and resulted in some fantastic goals. The Spartans played better than the opposition and earning a well-deserved win. Congratulations to William Baillie, Danny Wang, Zhander Griffiths, Harper Loon, Oliver Ng, Connor Millar-Martin, Max Bowden and Paxton Stewart.

Thank you all to all Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers for the support during the Futsal Titles.

This success is not a coincidence, the students who participated in the Futsal Titles are all students who play or have played for the Somerset Spartans Futsal Club. All Students have experience playing matches in the local club futsal leagues and are training under supervision from the Somerset Spartans Futsal Coaches.

For any questions about Football and Futsal, please contact our Head of Football and Futsal.

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