Afternoon of Eminence is one of the highlights of Year 4 and we all worked hard as we prepared to present our work to our school community this week. The central idea for this inquiry is Individuals have the power to change the world and falls under the transdisciplinary theme of how we express ourselves. The driving concepts for this inquiry are change, causation and connection. These concepts are helping every student to think critically and draw conclusions about our everchanging world.

During the tuning in and finding out phases of the inquiry, we unpacked our central idea and discovered that an eminent individual is someone who has made a positive contribution to our world. The beginning stages of this inquiry allowed us to acquire new knowledge and readied us to take our learning further.

The sorting out phase saw all Year 4 students select their own eminent individual. This gave us all voice and choice, where all students could explore their own interests and wonderings. It’s safe to say that each classroom has been transformed into a hub of curiosity, wonder and inspiration about the many notable figures that have changed our world.

We went further into the phase of the inquiry and are busy completing a series of learning engagements designed to extend our understanding and build important skills such as critical and creative thinking, perseverance, independence and confidence. Mind maps, timelines, quotes, poetry, learner profile and reflections are underway, and we can’t wait to showcase our hard work and new understandings to our school community.

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