Imagine being in a room full of some of the most astonishing people in the world. That’s what I got to do… well not exactly! This year, all the Year 5 students were fortunate enough be able to do a project. But not just any project, Afternoon of Eminence.

This task took several weeks of preparation but has turned out incredible! Not only do we know our eminent person inside out, we have learnt and improved so many skills as well. For example, research skills, self-management skills and more.

Now what is Afternoon of Eminence? This is a process of lots of research, creative thinking and fun. We create posters, form reflections, construct timelines, script poems and the list is quite long. And after we do everything, there comes the night when the Year 5 students transform into their eminent person.

On this night we showcase all of our hard work and a special event. The special event is when you make a model, something like a dinner party, and invite 3 eminent people and your eminent person to the model. The night of Eminence was such a wonderful experience. You got to talk to many people about your person and answer any questions about your eminent individual. During the process of Afternoon of Eminence, we displayed all learner profiles, whether it was in school or out. These learner profiles contribute to the making of our future and we all hope we can be leaders like these Eminent people. That is the 2020 Afternoon of Eminence.

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