Year 10 Drama students worked collaboratively, casting, rehearsing, and designing their final assessment, a piece which was presented to an audience of family and College staff. 

The group performed on the evening of Thursday 27 October in the Suzanne Roberts Centre for Performing Arts.

A focus of the group's work was the gothic convention of the past tormenting the present, the students put their skills of acting, knowledge of elements of drama and production into practice. The result was the successful creation of a foreboding atmosphere, working to educate the audience on the ‘lost’ children that have existed throughout the course of Australian history. 

Thank you to Mr Sam Cash, for collaborating with the Year 10s to bring the technical vision of the work to fruition. Drama offers students the opportunity to walk in the shoes of others, to learn through the embodiment of perspectives, opinions, and feelings, often far removed from their own. It encourages students to build a sense of empathy as they explore what it means to be human. 

Congratulations Year 10’s on an impressive conclusion to your MYP Drama journey.

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