Year 9 Language and Literature students competed against each other in our Inaugural Party Plan competition, earlier this year. The process became  a fun way of engaging students in revision activities prior to sitting NAPLAN. Each core class had to answer as many questions as they could, and the class that answered the most questions with accuracy, won the Pizza and Ice-cream party.

Year 7, answered a total of 25,622 questions, with the winning class being 7.3. However, I would like to acknowledge the achievement of individual students who competed.

In order to achieve students needed to complete:
Bronze - 800 points approximately three hours of revision
Silver - 1,400 points and six hours of revision
Gold - 2,000 points approximately nine hours


Paul Yun – 2,200 points
Liza Khan – 2,650 points
Olivia Tao - 2,797 points
Livi Budd – 1,330 points
Selina Chen – 1,209 points
Camilla Guthrie – 1,170 points
Chris Sui – 946 points

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