Selected students in Year 12 were invited to participate in the Bond University Mathematics Extension Program in Term Two. The Program was conducted over two days during the school holidays, 11 and 12 April. Graduates from the Year 12 Extension Program are eligible to receive an early offer into their chosen degree, subject to meeting the academic entry requirements.

The academic component of the program involved students getting a taste of how to use R programming (most for the first time) and applying their mathematical knowledge to solve a problem. The Program was pitched at a high level and our students displayed resilience and adaptability. 

Aarav Rawley was awarded a Credit Certificate.

Byron Morris was awarded a Distinction Certificate.

Nathalie Brown achieved a High Distinction award and received a $5000 bursary.

Aaron Lim was first place in the Mathematics Extension Program and has earned a 50% Scholarship to Bond University. Congratulations to Aaron!

Professor Bruce Vanstone and Professor Steve Stern (who ran the academic component of the Program) reported to me that they were genuinely very impressed by all the students from Somerset College. Congratulations to these students.

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