Welcome to the Fully Booked Bistro – Where good friends and great books come together!

While the benefits of reading are well known, one of the challenges all educators face is getting reluctant students interested in reading for pleasure. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of finding the perfect book.

With this in mind, we decided to treat our Year 4 students to ‘book tasting’ sessions during their Information Literacy lessons in Term Two. The KIP was transformed into the ‘Fully Booked Bistro’ and students were escorted by the ‘wait staff’ to themed tables where they sampled a selection of books from a particular genre for around 15 minutes before moving on to the next table. At the end of the activity, all students had read a little from each of the nine selected genres:

  • Classics
  • Historical Fiction
  • Science fiction
  • MysteriesFantasy
  • Non-fiction
  • Biographies
  • Graphic novelsGeneral fiction

The students thoroughly enjoyed the event, which covered the, ‘How we express ourselves’ transdisciplinary theme in the IB Primary Years Programme.

The most popular genres sampled by the students were graphic novels and non-fiction and just like a restaurant, students left reviews about their favourite books in our online library catalogue to recommend their favourite genres to other students.

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