An Interdisciplinary Unit, a component of the MYP, was completed by over 140 very excited Year 7 students this week.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Year 7s, in their corporate attire, were very keen to ‘pitch’ their very own ‘company’ and state why the Judges, a competent group of Year 10/11 Business Studies’ students should choose their company product or service as the best for 2023.

The students only had seven school days to prepare and create a solution for a problem that they had brainstormed in their ‘Think Tank' session in the previous week.

Their ‘business brief’ was to create a company name, logo, mission statement, financial background and a code of conduct outlining human rights for their workers, how to lessen the impact on the environment and what charities they were going to support with this new venture.

These were modelled and taught in different subject classes during Term Three and Four so that the students could then use these skills from IAS, Mathematics, Language and Literature lessons to produce their final presentation.

In teams of four they had to produce slides outlining their Company’s product and policies, and present it to the Judges. Heats were held to choose first, second and third in each Year 7 Class. The winner of each class would then progress to the Grand Final.

Our Judges were Year 10/11 Business studies students who had the very hard task of choosing not only the Heat winners but also first, second and third place winners in the Grand Final, with our Guest Judges - Mrs Ellis and Mr Hoult.

The winners of the inaugural 'Sustainable Business' Award for 2023

  • 1st - Nevadie Pens - Angus, Aurell, Daniel C, Mia
  • 2nd - Multi-Soles - Edward, Cara, Yani, Louie
  • 3rd - Safe Studs - Lily, Omar, Zubin, Jack P

All the Year 7 Teams, dressed in their corporate attire, produced an amazing array of product creations and their presentations were well articulated and very professional.

The Year 7 Teaching Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who made this happen and for their immense involvement in ensuring the students had the knowledge and skills to complete this Interdisciplinary Unit of work.

We would also like to thank Mr Damien Coleman, Head of Humanities, for donating our prizes. The Grand Final Judges; Hayeon, Sarah, Mrs Ellis and Mr Hoult. Also the Tech Staff, Events and Logistics staff. A huge thank you to Thomas for organising the TV’s to display the company logos.

A BIG ‘thank you’ to all the Year 7’s who worked very hard together to produce imaginative and creative products and Services and were willing and eager to experience the workings of the Corporate World!

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