Members from the Senior and Junior Climbing Crews recently spent the afternoon at Core, a local bouldering gym. Bouldering is climbing shorter but challenging routes, more commonly called ‘problems’ without a rope but with padding beneath you as protection.

They all proved themselves on some hard and technical problems. Both Climbing Crews should be proud of their efforts, proving themselves away from our own College climbing wall.

Seniors headed out on Tuesday, they finished stronger than they started. Their technique has improved measurably, which compliments their strength, which can be a fine line for climbers to balance. They were crushing all problems with style and were fearless to tackle some of the mighty hard competition level ones too. There is definitely a lot of determination and style in the Senior Crew. I look forward to seeing all their continued progress.

Juniors went out on Wednesday. For some, this was their first time ever climbing away from the College wall and they had an absolute blast. After demonstrating that they could fall correctly and safety, it was all on! Small groups divided across the walls. It was awesome to see them pass the beta on to help their peers crush. For them to see the difference between what is easy for some but may be harder for others, was much more evident here than on our own College wall as there was such a large variety of problems to try. And I was so impressed to see how much encouragement and support they offered each other throughout the whole afternoon. Their energy and stoke levels remained high and it was nearly impossible to make them have a snack break halfway through!

Well done to all climbers, both afternoons were fantastic, and I look forward to offering this opportunity again.

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