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Week 3, Term Four, 2018

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The Year 12 IB students hosted a colour run for the Year 6 students on 24 October as a part of our CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) group project. The IB CAS group project requires every IB student to work towards completing a common goal, while achieving at least one of the CAS learning outcomes in the process.

To begin our project, we first completed the Brisbane Kokoda challenge in 2017. We all thought the next best step would be to raise awareness of the Kokoda Trail and the Kokoda Youth Foundation towards our younger students, by creating a miniature version of it at school.

The generous Year 6 participants each made a donation towards the Kokoda Youth Foundation before stepping out onto the course. It was 1.5km long, going around the track and Wyangan with colour stations set up at various points. The Year 6s were sprayed with food colouring as they ran by, which they all found fun as their white shirts became rainbow coloured. At the end, there were prizes for those who finished quickly as well as lolly bags for everyone. It was a really hot day but everyone enjoyed themselves!

Thank you to all of the Year 6s for participating and the teachers who helped make our project possible!

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