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Term Two Uniform Requirements




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Week 1, Term Two, 2019

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As we commence Term Two here at the College, it is important that students are correctly attired each day. In the Senior School, students in Years 7 to 12 are required to wear Formal Uniform every Tuesday.

Details are below:
• For students in Years 7 to 9, the green jumper can be worn and for girls, opaque navy tights a required. Boys are required to wear long trousers and a tie with a long-sleeved white Somerset shirt.
• For students in Years 10 to 12, the Blazer must be worn to and from the College. Girls are required to wear opaque navy tights and boys must wear long trousers with a Somerset long-sleeved white shirt.

2019 - T2 - W1 - uniform requirements

All students are required to wear polished, black leather school shoes to the College with their Day or Formal Uniform. 'Skate style' black shoes, even if they are leather, are not appropriate.

Students are required to wear their APS Somerset shirt and shorts to the College each Friday of term. Students are required to wear running or cross-training shoes for Sport. Again, 'skate style' shoes are not appropriate and cannot be worn.

Girls who choose to wear earrings may do so, wearing one pair in the ear lobe only. Earrings in other areas of the ear must be removed.

Please join with us to ensure the high standards of College uniform are maintained as we begin a very exciting Term Two.

You can view our Uniform Handbook here.

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