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Week 7, Term One, 2019

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Crowds gathered in anticipation to witness Andrews on a mission to Mars, Franklin embrace western accents in a pun-filled melodrama, Laver transporting us into the wild happenings in a Parisian backstreet, Starkey plunging into the world of Greek Mythology and Veivers, seeking our help to solve the mystery of the great PA Poltergeist. The House Plays Festival was held at the Robina Community Centre this year, on Thursday 7 March at 6.00pm.

Orbit, Granny Get Your Gun, The Oracle, Orpheus and Eurydice and the PA Poltergeist. The 2018 House Plays Festival saw Andrews House reign on stage. But, which of the Houses would it be in 2019?

Adjudicated by writer, producer, actor and director, Sam Foster, student directors and their casts didn’t disappoint, creating performances that made the audience laugh, reflect and embrace the world of creative arts and performance. Each of the student directors prepared for their role throughout Term Four of 2018 and the audience certainly appreciated their directorial vision coming to life on stage. The audience was not disappointed. The audience erupted with laughter and sat in awe of the amazing work of our students. Mrs D’Arcy noted she wasn’t envious of Sam’s position and I think the audience agreed! After much deliberation, Starkey House won the Best Overall Play and Laver House took out the Adjudicator’s Award. Congratulations to both Starkey and Laver House for their recognition. Actors awards were awarded to students for their exceptional character work; Amy Jackson, Ella Hammond, Lilly McCoomb and Georgina Powell. Well done to all!

One of the wonderful things that involvement in the House Plays Festival affords our students is the opportunity, in a creative space, to cultivate friendships and strengthen bonds with peers in their House. The House spirit and collective purpose is something our College community values and appreciates in the production of this Festival.

With the renovations of the Performing Arts Theatre in full swing, producing a Festival of this calibre is not for the faint hearted! Our appreciation to Mrs Anna D’Arcy, Assistant Head of Performing Arts for co-ordinating, overseeing and mentoring our student directors and providing the opportunity for our students to showcase their passion for the arts. Mrs Sue Roberts, Head of Department – Performing Arts for her dedication and support of the Festival, Mrs Josephine Flynn for her technical expertise, Mr Lawson Schafer for his backstage efforts and to Mr Roberts for logistically managing students and equipment throughout the process.

Congratulations to all of the House casts!

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