This week, Somerset students from Year 9 Commerce classes went on an excursion with Ms Payne and Mr Juniper to the Magistrates' Court in Southport. 

It was fascinating to witness the law in action after our two units about the legal system this year in Commerce. In the court rooms, we learned about court etiquette and traditions, such as the formal language used in proceedings and the custom of bowing to the Magistrate when entering or exiting the courtroom. We saw many interesting court cases and defendants — such as people stealing cars and driving them on public beaches, or getting intoxicated in shopping centres, and in one case, a man who was being tried for several crimes he had committed (some while on bail) back in 2008. 

After, we were allowed to wander around Australia Fair and buy our lunches before returning to school in the afternoon. Overall, it was a truly memorable excursion, and an experience we will think of fondly for years to come.

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