It all started with an early 5.00am wake up, preparing for our six-o'clock departure for the Davinci Decathalon. 

The bus drive was filled with many different emotions; nervous, excited, eager and tired. When we got to Nudgee, we were directed into the hall. We enjoyed drummers and speakers in the opening ceremony and then it was time to start the first three of ten challenging tasks. 

Our first subjects were Ideation, English and Science. We only had an hour and a half, so the clock was ticking but there was a wonderful proud feeling amongst our group at the end as we did it. We had a quick snack then we were straight back in for Math, Art and Poetry, Engineering, Cartography and Creative producers. These were by far the hardest. 

After the session ended, we quickly went outside for a short lunch preparing for our last two subjects Codebreaking and Legacy. These were our last subjects so we were excited to see how they would turn out. They were difficult, but we got through. 

Finally after afternoon tea, we were welcomed back to our teachers for the award ceremony. Although we did not win we had a wonderful time, and all tried our best. We could not be prouder.

To see more on the Davinci Decathlon, watch Somerset Stream Episode 9 | Term Two, 2024

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