This debating year certainly started off with a bang with a recorded number of teams, the second largest number in the competition totalling at 17. The involvement seen in the younger years, specifically Year 7 and 8 is very impressive.

A total of four students from Year 7 and 8, culminating in the formation of 10 teams is a testament to the culture of Somerset’s debating programme; everyone, regardless of skill or experience is welcome if they are willing to give it a go. As we commenced the first debating training sessions, it was good to see how quickly new teams were able to find their dynamic. The juniors were quick to form new friendships and traditions within their teams, while seniors greeted both old and new teammates in this season.

The first debates of the competition were won by our Open A team debating a topic they received on the night of the debate and our Intermediate B team debating the topic, 'Everyone should have first aid training'. These successful results were swiftly followed as our Senior B team and Intermediate A teams; Som.1, Som.3 and Som.4 produced rousing victories debating the topic, 'Queensland should lower the age at which alleged criminals are trialled as adults,' concluding the round one debates.

Round 2 produced equally impressive results with our Open A, Senior B, Intermediate B, and Intermediate A teams; Som.1 and Som.4 remaining undefeated through the 2 rounds. A special word of recognition to the success of the Open A team consisting of your debating captains Ella Kirk and Nada Wilson alongside, Leigh Amores and Sofie Smith. Not only is Open A the highest and toughest division in the competition, but it is also the biggest Open A division that the competition has seen in years, with a total 21 teams competing for the title of Gold Coast Open A Division Champions, and the opportunity to represent the Gold Coast in the Queensland Regional Final. So, congratulations to these girls and to the rest of the debating teams for their success so far.

Good luck to the debating teams as the season progress and we hope to see more success throughout this competition.

Winner Tally

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