Triathlon Academy’s official season finished in the first week of May, but this was no excuse to keep our Year 8 Spartans Mya Currey and Phoebe Rogers from doing their first triathlon race. Training at Somerset’s Development Squad, they have long been waiting for an opportunity to compete.

Sunday morning, 23 May, was nothing short of exciting for our youngsters Mya and Phoebe, as compeitions had been delayed by unfortunate lockdowns along the way. Each of them has dedicated extensive hours to develop skills and fitness and the effort has paid off.

“Our Development pathway focuses on developing efficient biomechanics and technical skills before enhancing athletic fitness, so the start takes patience and trust in the process. Mya arrived at the Squad with a considerable technique deficit swimming and her hard work has paid off,” mentions Mr Glauber Correa, Head of Triathlon.

Mya and Phoebe were first to exit the water ahead of 77 other boys and girls. As they exited the first transition into the bike, Phoebe had the fourth best bike split for girls. Still working on her running form constantly affected by growth at this age, Phoebe finished sixth (27:50min) among the girls.

Mya showed superiority throughout the whole race motivated by the amazing swim split. She did not hold back with the best female bike and run splits for the day, finishing first (23:35min) among the girls and second athlete overall.

“Both athletes had a fantastic race. Mya has put a lot of effort on her swim training with me and with our Assistant Coach Zoe, who is also very proud. Moving forward we will bring Phoebe’s running to the same outstanding level.

"The girls are part of our new generation of Spartan triathletes with a brilliant future ahead,” observes Mr Correa.

The Triathlon Academy will resume its training 31 May, offering 10 sessions per week divided over the three disciplines. Any Somerset student or parent is welcome to join the programme. The semester focus is to repeat All Schools 2020 Regional Champions title in October.

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